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Standards in the News (for ASAP press releases, click here)

July 22, 2013: Energy Standards for Ceiling Fans Spin Up D.C. Debate - Listen to the story by Scott Horsley of National Public Radio 

July 15, 2013: Ambreen Ali of Roll Call discusses how ceiling fan makers have done an about face with regards to efficiency measures: Ceiling Fan Makers Strive to Block Efficiency Rules They Once Sought

July 8, 2013: NRDC blog post by Devra Wang: California's energy Efficiency Model Can Help Meet the President's Climate Goals

June 12, 2014: John Broder of the New York Times writes about delayed efficiency standards and the possibility of a change if nominee is approved: Regulatory Nominee Vows to Speed Up Regulatory Reviews

May 29, 2013: Climate Progress blog post by Joe Romm: Steven Chu is the $100 Billion Man, But How Much Energy Will Secretary Moniz Save?

May 21, 2013: NRDC blog post by Meg Waltner: Report: Appliance Standards Save Consumers Money While Continuing to Provide Choices

May 21, 2013: Consumer Reports blog post: Why Your Parents' Appliances Cost More to Run Than Yours Do

May 16, 2013: NRDC blog post by Peter Lehner: New Secretary of Energy Can Reduce Global Warming Pollution With Efficiency Standards and Continued Support For Clean, Renewable Energy

April 10, 2013:
NRDC blog post by Robin Roy: New Efficiency Standards for Transformers from DOE

April 4, 2013:
Climate Progress Guest Blogger Lisa Heinzerling mentions efficiency standards languishing at OIRA: Sunstein's "Simpler Government" is Legally Suspect, Overly Secretive and Politically Unaccountable

November 11, 2012:
Cass Sunstein, former Director of OMB, writes about appliance standards in a New York Times editorial entitled: "Climate Change: Lessons from Ronald Reagan". He states that "monetary benefits dwarf the costs". Read the entire op-ed from the New York Times here

September 4, 2012:
NEEA (Northwest Energy Efficiency Association) reports on a new energy efficient technology for dryers. Heat pump dryers are already in use in Europe and efforts are underway to bring them to the U.S. Read the article: "Clothes Dryers - Coming Into the 21st Century"

September 4, 2012:
Consumer Reports asks readers which president signed into law the first federal standards to make appliances more efficient? Find the answers here: "Hail to the Chief Who Enacted Tougher Energy Standards"

August 7, 2012:
ACEEE released a white paper entitled The Rebound Effect: Large or Small? The paper is written in a "question and answer" format designed to summarize what we know, what we do not, and---given what we know---how large the rebound effect is likely to be. The paper examines both direct and indirect rebound effects. Read the full blog

July 20, 2012:
ACEEE blog: Efficiency standards have a long record as a commonsense way to save money for consumers and provide important societal benefits at the same time.

May 16, 2012:
DOE press release: New Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential Clothes Washers and Dishwashers to Save Consumers Billions on Energy Bills

April 27, 2012
: Secretary Chu on appliance standards at international meeting: "The participating governments have already implemented more than 60 appliance standards that have saved 600 Twh or equivalent to 200 mid-sized power stations."
Article by James Murray, businessGreen

April 9, 2012
: NRDC Blog
: The Mega Trillion Dollar Jackpot: Appliance Efficiency Standards Have Saved Consumers Big Bucks, And Even Bigger Savings are on the Way

January 12, 2012:   Calfornia Energy Commission Plugs in Energy Efficiency Rules for Battery-Charged Appliances
First-in-the-Nation Rules Will Save Consumers Over $300 Million Annually

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